Following the interest in SMSF and marina berth investments, we recently caught up with some Hidden Harbour Marina berth owners who have done just that.

Mark and his family are Mornington Peninsula locals and enjoy keeping their boat at Hidden Harbour Marina. After realising the investment opportunity, they decided to purchase a berth within their Self Managed Super Fund.

Having set up a Self Managed Super Fund around 2011, Mark and his wife’s investment had been focused mainly on shares and bonds. The marina berth was their first freehold property investment for their SMSF .

For Mark, it was the fact that it’s a smaller outlay than a house, but offers great growth opportunities. “It was all about the capital growth. There aren’t too many berths around this end of Port Phillip Bay and there’s not going to be any around in the future.” Mark shared.

Investing in a marina berth also helped them to diversify into property, without all the extra headaches that come with a house, such as gardening, maintenance and other costs. Mark and his wife shared that the marina berth on the other hand is very low maintenance and has a great owner’s corporation.

It was the Hidden Harbour Marina’s Facebook post about investing that got them thinking, After also receiving an email from Hidden Harbour Marina they decided to go ahead. “I’ve told a few friends about considering marina berths for SMSF investment. For anyone who has got money sitting in super, you may as well get an asset that gives good returns now, as well as capital gains into the future.”

Mark also shared that for people looking to enjoy the water when they retire, there’s the option to take the berth out of the super fund once you’re no longer working and use it for personal use.

Interested in investing in a marina berth with a SMSF?

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Disclaimer: The story described above is based on the individual circumstances of the people described as an example of how an SMSF has operated for them in relation to the purchase of a boat berth. You should not act on or take the story as a recommendation, endorsement or advice to establish an SMSF without first obtaining independent professional financial advice relevant to your individual needs and circumstances.  As such Hidden Harbour Marina Pty Ltd or its employees or agents will not be responsible for the consequences associated with anyone establishing an SMSF without first obtaining professional legal and financial advice relevant to their circumstances