Weighing up buying versus leasing
The main argument for buying is the financial rewards. The cost to buy versus overall costs of a long-term lease can end up being very similar. If you chose to purchase a berth, the main difference is you end up with an asset to own or sell and the capital appreciation that comes with ownership.

A large portion of Hidden Harbour Marina’s berths have been sold however, there are still a few remaining. For more information or advice on berth sales and leasing, contact 0421 082 410 or email services@hiddenharbourmarina.com.au.

If I buy a boat berth, can I lease it out until I’m ready to use it?
Absolutely – there are major benefits to buying a freehold berth sooner rather than later for investment purposes.
When piers need replacing who pays?
The Pier is ‘common property’ and is owned and maintained by the Body Corporation. The Body Corporation is a prescribed Owners Corporation and is governed by the Owners Corporation Act.

This means that the Body Corporate must have a maintenance plan for all common property including the piers and other assets. This maintenance plan is re-assessed on a regular basis and funds are put aside for all maintenance/ replacement costs when they occur.

All the details, including the available cash at the bank that the Owners Corporation has access to, are available in the Vendors Statement, which is provided to berth owners prior to signing a contract.

Is there security at Hidden Harbour?
Yes, absolutely! Hidden Harbour Marina has a very advanced security camera system – this system has the ability to move, zoom and pan. It is monitored 24 hours a day by the on-site control room, and can despatch a security vehicle or boat if they see anything out of the ordinary. The security office is located at 140 Pickings Road, so response times are very good too. Security is funded by the Owners Corporation, enabled by Body Corporate fees.
Are the berths maintained?
Owners Corporation look after the maintenance and security of the wet berth on behalf of berth owners. This means that berth owners don’t need to frequently visit the site should they choose not to. Hidden Harbour Marina prides themselves on being one of the most secure spots for boat storage on the Mornington Peninsula.
What are the ongoing expenses?
Unlike a number of other options for boat berths on the Mornington Peninsula there is no club membership at Hidden Harbour Marina. When you buy a freehold berth you gain access to all the available facilities. There is a small quarterly Owner’s Corporation Fee, which ensures facility costs, maintenance, insurances covering all common areas, and security are all covered.
What is the Harbour like coming in and out?
The main feature of Hidden Harbour Marina is its tranquility and ease of access. The harbour entrance is 2.4 metres deep on low tide so it’s easy to come and go. To be on the safe side we recommend hull depths of 2.2 meter.
Why the Mornington Peninsula?
The Mornington Peninsula is known for its beautiful coastlines, adventure trails and marine activities as well as its ongoing love affair with wine and gourmet produce.

Less than an hour, South-East of Melbourne, Hidden Harbour Marina allows visitors to take in the beauty of this stunning region and experience aquatic life further down the bay. You can take the opportunity to explore by boat any number of outstanding fishing spots and breathtaking sceneries around the coast.

Browse Visit Mornington Peninsula for more information on things to see and do.

Why Martha Cove?
Hidden Harbour Marina is located within Martha Cove, which is an exclusive, protected harbour away from the exposure of the open sea. Situated between Safety Beach and Mount Martha in a quiet and peaceful marina, berth owners can be confident their boat will be safe. There is a thriving and well-established community at Martha Cove, which is expanding all the time. There is also a retail precinct and boat yard.
I’m not really ready to buy, can I lease a berth?
Yes you can. Click here for more information on Hidden Harbour Marina leasing services.

For more information or advice on berth sales and leasing, contact us on  0421 082 410 or email services@hiddenharbourmarina.com.au.


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