Sailing schools are becoming vastly equipped at teaching the little ones the foundations of sailing, and with this being one of the safest, most controlled sports that kids can get into, it’s no wonder more and more families are participating.

Getting Started

Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Tackers Programs are designed for kids aged 7-12 and run as seven sessions over several weeks (after school, Saturdays or Sundays) or over five days during school holidays. Their programs consist of Tackers 1 (basics), Tackers 2 (tricks and techniques), Tackers 3 (advanced skills) and Tackers Squad for kids who have completed all three.

No experience is required. Click here for Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Tackers dates and pricing or phone (03) 5988 8453 for more information.

Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron in conjunction with The Peninsula Sailing Academy also offer a Junior Sailing Program for kids who have completed all three Tackers levels which is designed to introduce kids to racing in a fun and enjoyable environment. Phone (03) 5988 8453 for more information.

Mornington Yacht Club also run Tackers Programs for kids aged 7-12 over weekends and school holidays. Their programs also consist of Tackers 1, Tackers 2 and Tackers 3, and they offer their Little Tackers information sessions for kids aged 5-6.

No experience is required. Click here for Mornington Yacht Club Tackers dates and pricing or phone (03) 5975 7001.

Will You Need Your Own Gear?

Both the Blairgowrie Yacht Yacht Squadron and Mornington Yacht Club kid’s Tackers programs include all the equipment needed.

The Benefits

A Welcomed Outdoors Activity Amid The Digital Age

With technology being such a big part of our lives, it’s even more difficult to get the kids interested in outdoor activities. Sailing offers the perfect alternative, offering both physical stimulation as well as education.

Life-long Skills And Values

It goes without saying that sailing helps kids build on an array of skills and values, shaping some of the most valuable attributes that can be translated into all facets of life, such as: perseverance, communication skills, decision making, and an appreciation for safety.

Water Safety, Weather Knowledge And The Environment

Introducing the kids to sailing young will help to give them good foundation knowledge of water safety, weather patterns, and factors relating to the environment.

Interpersonal Skills

Sailing offers a unique environment for children to forge new and lasting friendships while developing an appreciation for teamwork; not only does it provide a different avenue for comradeship, but it’s great for building their self-confidence young.

Developing Good Habits

Learning to care for a boat, rig and unrig it, and adhere to its correct order, are all fun and practical tasks that help build good habits that can be translated into other areas of their day-to-day lives.

Click here for more information on Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Tackers or phone (03) 5988 8453.

Click here for more information on Mornington Yacht Club Tackers or phone (03) 5975 7001.