When it comes to fishing around Martha Cove who better to ask than the President of the Martha Cove Fishing Club, Trevor Nurse. Here are his fishing tips for January; what to catch, what bait to use, where and when to drop your line…

Guest post by Trevor Nurse, Martha Cove Fishing Club.

January fishing around Martha Cove is quite productive if you target the species you wish to catch. There are plenty of calamari, whiting, flathead and garfish in close around the reefs and weed beds, as well as good snapper and gummies available out in deeper waters. If you want to fish shallow for the calamari, whiting and gars the best time is early in the day when the motorised surf boards (Jet Skis) start frightening anything that’s living and swims in the area.

I find fishing for garfish like catching mini marlin and twice as good eating.

Rule one, always use a slow release berley, preferably with some tuna oil, then arm yourself with a nibble tip rod, pencil float, split shot and a size 12 hook. A 1.2 metre trace under the float with a split shot .400mm from the hook which you attach at the bottom will suffice. You need to start around reefs, weed beds and piers to find Gars as they love structure and the food that comes with these areas.

A 2kg line is sufficient and I find prawn, scallop, dough and very small fish pieces the best bait. Once the berley starts working and you have the gars on the boil, it’s not too hard to catch your bag which is 40. Gars as I mentioned are a wonderful meal but don’t underestimate their value as snapper or Gummy bait. Old or fresh, they are a fantastic bait and will stay untouched for an hour on the bottom some times, which saves the use of pilchards. One tip is to sauce them up on the hook by rubbing tuna oil over them or spraying with fish XFacter.  It’s like sweet and sour sauce on a Chinese meal to a fish. Good luck!

Tight lines,


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