Your boat is a big investment and one that you want to know is safe and secure now and in the future.


We at Hidden Harbour Marina thought you may like to know more about how we help keep your boat safe 24 – 7 every day of every year.


We interviewed Lee Walker & Fiona from Cambridge Management Services to get the low down on security at Hidden Harbour Marina and Martha Cove, CMS offer significant coverage of the waterways around the marina and also to those living in the area.

Know your boat is an important investment and so we take the security and access of it very seriously here at Hidden Harbour Marina, Martha Cove.


Security is run and managed by Cambridge Management Services who are the strata and facility managers for the Martha Cove Owners Corporation.  The marina and the waterways have CCTV camera coverage from the breakwater and along the northern boardwalk and onto the boat ramp basinHidden Harbour has CCTV coverage across the pontoons from the entrance gates. These cameras are monitored 24/7 by a team located at the ‘on site control room’.

The security team can respond to all reports of incidents or alarm activations that may occur within Martha Cove properties and will notify the appropriate authorities when necessary. Their Security Boat patrols the waterways regularly and a trained coxswain is always on duty during daylight hours. Patrols across the property are carried out on foot, by road and on water – utilising the specialist security patrol boat. This ensures a very visible presence.

All berth owners can also be assured access to the Hidden Harbour berths area is strictly controlled by an electronic locking system. Individual access is via applying for and obtaining a personally issued fob or disc. These are used for direct access and are monitored and tracked to the individual user, they can also be quickly removed from the access system should the fob be lost or stolen. Each berth owner owns the fob outright and completes a Berth Owner Lot Agreement and supplies their insurance details before one can be allocated. Should the berth be leased a Berth Lot Access Agreement is filled out by the tenant and owner which also indicates length of lease, details for programming of access fobs and that the Owners Corporation Rules are understood.  This gets provided to Cambridge Management along with certificate of insurance on the vessel and payment of tenant access fobs.

All residential homes at Martha Cove have the added security of ‘Back to Base‘ security via optical fibre to each property. Ensuring safety at all times is paramount to the team.