Take your someone special on a date with comedian Arj Barker.


Are you looking to take your special someone on a romantic date out on the water with a few laughs and good meal? We’ll help you out with this one…


Of course you chose your special persons favourites, which they enjoy while catching up on some reading and sunning themselves on deck. Yes, they are wondering where you are taking them, this is a bit unusual, but you know you’ll get brownie points for this one.

  1. You start by jumping on your boat and cruising you way up to Mornington, taking your time to relax, hopefully in the sun with some pre-prepared snacks (points in the bank for the snacks, great job).


Your romantic gesture has already made up for previous lack lustre efforts, and the argument about leaving your dirty socks on the floor is a like ancient history now that you’ve anchored near some beatuful Mt Martha cliffs and joined the tanning mission. Perfection.


  1. Later You arrive in Mornington and head up main street for dinner, countless options to choose from! Have you tried Mi Mexiko or Casa De Playa? Because you’ve made a booking at one of these reputable establishments already, which means that forgetting to put the bins out to be emptied last night for the second week in a row is pushed into the ancient annals of home life.


  1. After a meal of only savoury delight you ask for the bill instead of accepting the dessert menu. You are planning something sweet later on, Ssh. Your special person is happy to have decisions made for them anyway, no issues there. You begin acting like that’s all you’ve got lined up for the night. Aha, trickster! You’ve already ordered an Uber on the sly to whisk you 2 minutes up the road. You arrive just in time to sit in your pre-booked seats at the Peninsula Community Centre and watch Arj Barker perform on 7th October at 8pm.

Double points for booking ahead, and booking comedy at that! Nice one.


  1. After Arj nearly made you wet yourself with laughter too many times, there’s one last stop at YOMG on the way back to your floating stead. Triple points! Because, you know… frozen yoghurt. Enough said.



  1. Time to head home after a wildly successful date night!

If you wish your boat was in a convenient location further down the peninsula with easy access to everything fun in Port Philip Bay, you can invest in a freehold berth, while there are still some left. Don’t bother leasing one, buy one instead! And you’ve just impressed your other half once again with a smart investment that’s so convenient you end up spending your whole Summer on the water.


If you’d like more information on owning your own berth, call 04 81 207 832.


Happy Boating 🙂