Are you considering buying a freehold Marina Berth for you and your family?
Glenn did and has made the most of it ever since. Here’s his story:



I hadn’t really considered buying a boat berth, but I went along to an International Boat Show in May 2014 and that’s when I first learnt about Hidden Harbour Marina.

I followed it up sometime afterwards and made my purchase in November 2014 – before it was even built! I’d always liked the area and being local it made sense to buy something close by, the location really is perfect.

I’ve grown up around boats and I’ve always liked the area. This was something I really wanted to share with my family.

Being local means it’s really easy for the whole family to get down there relatively quickly. Because it’s so easy, sometimes we even just use the boat as a place to hang out. It’s great for the kids. They can enjoy some quiet time with a DVD or if we are out on the water at Mt Martha beach they can jump into the water. We actually use it more like a family home!

It’s been a real social experience for us. Sometimes friends and extended family will join us on board and other times it’s more of a family time trip. Beyond this, the other berth owners around are fantastic. It’s a real community spirit and everyone gets along with one another.

Family time aside, for me personally it was important for me to be able to purchase a berth rather than leasing. With leasing you spend all that money and still have to give it back at the end of your lease. We knew we wanted something more permanent.

For anyone else considering a berth is to go for it! We’ve had a really positive experience and the facilities like the park and toilets are great, it really is an ideal family spot!