Just imagine… you are out on the boat, relaxing and hanging out with your family, with the beautiful blue water glistening around you as you cruise around the Mornington Peninsula. Perhaps you are sitting there with a fishing rod in hand, bobbing up and down to the motion of the light waves, and enjoying a breath of fresh air.

There’s only one problem…

All of your fellow boaties have the exact same idea as you do. So instead of sitting out and enjoying the calm of the ocean, you’re now stuck lining up and waiting in the long queue just to get your boat into the water.

This means that you’re now missing out on precious and incredible time in the water, cruising around the spectacular coastal regions of the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas.

You don’t just have to imagine it!

In fact, we’re still reminiscing over the summer that’s just been! While we hope that you had a great summer on the water, we can’t skip the fact that so many people missed out on spending more time on the water because of these long waits to access the bay.

Just take a look at this long queue to get to the Martha Cove public boat ramp at in the middle of summer this year!

That’s a lot of people!

Although we may be heading into winter now, this doesn’t mean that boating should slip to the back of your mind – summer will come around again soon enough!

If you missed good boating time being stuck in lines, make sure you’re all set with a berth for next summer.

Hidden Harbour Marina offers the chance to lease or buy a marina berth. With the third and final pier to be completed this spring, the new pier will offer a range of marina berths in 12m and 15m sizes starting at $155,000.



And why wouldn’t you want to join us at Hidden Harbour Marina? We offer a perfectly secluded and safe spot for keeping your boat on the scenic Mornington Peninsula. The marina is an exclusively protected harbour, with 24-hour security, free parking, and easy access to the water. Not to mention, a fun and supportive boating environment!

So next time, avoid the nuisance of the public boat ramp and instead enjoy more time on the water. Take a look at the berths that Hidden Harbour Marina has to offer here.